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Artist: The Affect
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The Affect Conscious cdr
A genre busting collaborative project featuring Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree, O.R.k., Twinscapes etc), Bristol based poet James Hope and guitarist/sound designer Matthew Richards.
James Hope's cinematic language is placed against a background of infectious trippy bass lines and finely tuned rhythmic elements topped off by Matthew Richard's left-field electronica and guitar additions.
1. Be Cause (6.33) 
2. Fragile Freaks (5.28) 
3. The High (3.12) 
4. Broken Pictures (4.29) 
5. Neuro (4.37) 
6. Infrared (3.57) 
7. Siren (5.57) 
8. Outside Us (7.54)
James Hope - Words, Vocals.
Matthew Richards - Guitars, Synths, Programming.
Colin Edwin - Fretted and Fretless Basses, Programming.
Mixed by Matthew Richards, Mastering by Martin Nichols