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Format: CD-R
Artist: Judge Smith
CatNo: MASTER114
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Judge Smith The Solar Heresies And The Lunar CD-r
The 2020 release from former VDGG member Judge Smith, featuring two extended pieces.
CDR in super-jewel box with 24-page booklet.
The text of ‘The Solar Heresies’ was set down spontaneously, in the space of an hour; an unplanned mystical tract. It was written in February 2015, at Udaipur, Rajasthan, on the shore of Lake Pichola, as women did their laundry on the little dhobi ghat below our window.
It is a spiritual work, but, as with almost all my writing, the overall mood is light-hearted (the Tragic Muse has never been able to gain much traction with me). However, I should make it clear that there are some serious metaphysical propositions being offered here.
The music  was recorded in Bergen, Norway in September 2019.
‘The Lunar Sequence’ comprises a series of meditations on the full moon. I found that, over the years, I had written various fragments of text about different aspects of this lovely and mysterious object, and these make up much of the libretto. Some lines of the spoken lyrics date from my teenage years, and the fact that these sections are not immediately obvious suggests the discomforting possibility that my writing has not matured quite as much as I would like to imagine.
The work was recorded in ‘Studio Judex’, perhaps better described as my garden shed, between 2018 and 2020.


The Solar Heresies
1 Prologia And Part One 8:33
2 Part Two 4:04
3 Part Three 5:54
4 Part Four 5:10
5 Part Five 4:27
The Lunar Sequence
6 First Quarter 5:27
7 Second Quarter 2:27
8 Third Quarter 2:42
9 Fourth Quarter 6:48