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Format: CD/DVD
Artist: Robert Reed
CatNo: TMRCD0418
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Robert Reed Sanctuary III Mike Oldfield Surround CD_DVD

The third album in Robert Reed’s acclaimed Mike Oldfield influenced Sanctuary series of releases displays more of Rob's own inventive musical quirks.

Produced, mixed and engineered by Reed, who plays most of the instruments himself, Sanctuary III features  legendary drummer Simon Phillips, and also contains contributions from recorder player Les Penning, and the Tubular Bells production team of Tom Newman and Simon Heyworth.

A double cd / dvd (ntsc, all regions) set, this limited edition contains the main album, a disc of bonus material (including a Tom Newman mix of the album), plus a 5.1 surround mix of the album, promo videos and interview footage.
CD 1 
1.Sanctuary III Part 1 
2.Sanctuary III Part 2 
CD 2 
1.The Moonsinger Suite (Chimpan A Remix) (22mins) 
2.Troy’s Lament 
3.Perpetual Motion 
4.El Paso 
5.Moonsinger Rising 
6.Sanctuary III Part 1 (Tom Newman Mix) 
7.Sanctuary III Part 2 (Tom Newman Mix) 
1.Sanctuary III Part 1 
2.Sanctuary III Part 2
5.1 DTS Surround Mixes
Promo videos and more.