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Format: CD/DVD
Artist: Autopsy
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Californian gore metallers Autopsy burst onto the scene in 1987 with almost immediate infamy and soon became a huge name in death metal (& not without a fair share of controversy), releasing 4 monumental albums of dark & twisted death metal, until their premature end came in 1994. 
Autopsy remained in the grave until 2008, when the band came together to record 2 brand new tracks for a special 7'' release to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the classic Peaceville debut, 'Severed Survival'. This gave a new bloodlust for Autopsy who in 2010 announced a reunion & promise of more brutality to come both live & in the studio, not in the name of mere nostalgia, but with real fire in their veins. The comeback show was in May 2010 at Maryland Death fest (with friend Dan Lilker on bass), where the band also confirmed 2 European shows for August, at PartySan in Germany & Hole in the Sky in Norway.
The 'Dark Crusades' CD/DVD set features the band in their raw glory, & includes an extensive collection of rare home and live footage from this first, classic Autopsy era, 1988 - 1994, chronicling the band's rise through the death metal ranks and displaying why they still remain one of the most respected bands in the genre, having inspired acts such as Entombed & Bloodbath, as well as a whole new breed of death metal bands..  But there is only one Autopsy!
Hong Kong Café ( LA, CA 12.06.1993)
1. Your Rotting Face
2. Dark Crusade
3. Fiend For Blood
4. Spinal Extractions
5. Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay
6. Slaughterday
7. Fleshcrawl / Torn From The Womb
8. Deathwitch
9. Shit Eater
10. Gasping For Air
11. An End To The Misery
12. Charred Remains
13. Severed Survival
14. Voices
15. Dead
The Stone (SF. CA 13.06.1993)
1. Shit Eater
2. Pus / Rot
3. An End To The Misery
4. Dead
5. Voices
REHEARSAL (23.56) (Antioch, CA 04 - 1988)
HONG KONG CAFÉ  (39.41) (Los Angeles, CA  12.06.1993)
THE STONE (12.58) (San Francisco. CA 13.06.1993)
RUTHLESS (33.49) (San Francisco, CA 29.07.1994)
EXTRAS: Tour Footage, Behind The Scenes & 2 extra tracks with Chris Reifert on guitar.