CarpathianForest from Norway formed in 1990. They began their recording career with the cult demo Bloodlust & Perversion in 1992. Since then the band have recorded several albums, and have also become a class, if unpredictable, live act, as demonstrated on their recent DVD release We're Going to Hollywood for This. The band has toured extensively in Europe and also the US.
The band features mainman Nattefrost, who has lately enjoyed a successful solo-career, alongside his main band. Tchort also features on bass, a familiar name from his previous work with Emperor's debut album and more diverse acts such as Green Carnation.
Originally released back in 2002, We're Going to Hell for This is a compilation of rarities featuring unreleased material spanning 1992-2001 from these classy old-school black metallers; also including live tracks, demo tracks, and cover-versions of classics by the likes of Darkthrone, Discharge and Venom. The live tracks featured here were recorded in Switzerland & also at the famous Inferno festival in Norway and contain a good selection of Carpathian live carnage.
1. The Angel And The Sodomizer
2. I Am Possessed
3. Bloody Fucking Nekro Hell   
4. Bloodlust And Perversion
5. Possibilities Of Life's Destruction
6. In The Shadows Of The Horns
7. In League With Satan
8. Morbid Fascination Of Death [LIVE]
9. Sadomasochistic [LIVE]
10. Mask Of The Slave [LIVE]
11. Knokkelmann [LIVE]
12. Bloodcleansing [LIVE]
13. Return of the freezing winds [LIVE]
14. Doomed To Walk The Earth As Slaves Of The Living Dead [LIVE]
15. He's Turning Blue [LIVE]
16. CarpathianForest [LIVE]   
17. Death Triumphant