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Format: CD
Artist: Camel
CatNo: ECLEC2158
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camel i can see your house from here CD remastered Canterbury
2022 re-press of the 2009 edition.
Released in 1979, I Can See Your House From Here was the 7th studio album by Camel
Featuring a new line up including founding members Andrew Latimer (guitar) and Andy Ward (drums), and new recruits bassist Colin Bass and keyboard players Jan Schelhaas and Kit Watkins (ex-Happy The Man).
Although generally possessing a more commercial sensibility, the album contains several ambitious Progressive compositions, including arguably the greatest Camel piece of all-time, the 10 minute plus instrumental Ice (featuring Phil Collins on percussion).
Produced by Rupert Hine.
This remastered edition also includes Remote Romance (single version) and a powerful live reading of Ice (from Radio One 'In Concert').
1. Wait (4:50) 
2. Your Love Is Stranger Than Mine (3:14) 
3. Eye Of The Storm (3:42) 
4. Who We Are (7:26) 
5. Survival (1:04) 
6. Hymn Ho Her (5:23) 
7. Neon Magic (4:39) 
8. Remote Romance (4:01) 
9. Ice (10:10)
Bonus tracks:
10. Remote Romance (single version)
11. Ice (live at the Hammersmith Odeon, 1981)