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Format: CD
Artist: Camel
CatNo: ECLEC2155
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breathless camel cd remastered Canterbury
Breathless, released in 1978, was the last Camel album to feature the original keyboard player Peter Bardens, who left the group shortly after the album's completion. 
Including Richard Sinclair and Mel Collins as part of the line-up, the album possessed a more Canterbury Scene styled sound that focused on shorter songs with a more playful Jazzy feel.
Contains the ambitious Progressive classics/fan favourites, The Sleeper and Echoes.
This remastered edition features sleeve notes and the radio edit of Rainbow's End. Repress of the 2009 version.
1. Breathless (4:16) 
2. Echoes (7:22) 
3. Wing and Prayer (4:41) 
4. Down on the Farm (4:20) 
5. Starlight Ride (3:20) 
6. Summer Lightening (6:03) 
7. You Make me Smile (4:13) 
8. The Sleeper (7:02) 
9. Rainbow's End (3:00)
Bonus track:
Rainbow's End - single version