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Format: cd
Artist: Caligula's Horse
CatNo: 88985461982
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Caligulas Horse Progressive CD In Contact

The fourth studio release from Australian Prog band Caligula's Horse.

Another leap forward for Caligula’s Horse, In Contact is an immense conceptual work revolving around the nature of art and creativity, and a celebration of what connects us as human beings. 

CD in digipak. The first 150 copies come with a signed postcard.

1.  Dream The Dead (8:11)
2.  Will's Song (Let The Colours Run) (4:42)
3.  The Hands Are The Hardest (4:26)
4.  Love Conquers All (2:21)
5.  Songs For No One (7:43)
6.  Capulet (3:23)
7.  Fill My Heart (6:42)
8.  Inertia and the Weapon of the Wall (2:57)
9.  The Cannon's Mouth (5:56)
10.  Graves (15:31)