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Format: cd
Artist: Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks
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Building Castles Out Of Matchsti Secret Land CD

Secret Land captures the myriad styles of Canada's Anne Sulikowski, from skittering beats, deep electronica, to pure pop songs and drone, all combining together to create an album showcasing Anne's ability to mix styles and genre's whilst still retaining a sound that is uniquely hers. 

1. Maybe
2. All You Leave Behind
3. Stay
4. Everything
5. Bardzo Daleko
6. Daytime Masquerade
7. Promise Me One More Night
8. You And I
9. Secret Land
10. The Unspeakable
11. Tell Me A Story
12. What Lies Between
13. Voices
14. This Is Our Goodbye
15. Desire Lines
16. All My Love For You Is Still Unknown

Mark Beazley plays bass on 'This Is Our Goodbye'. Mastered by Mark Beazley, artwork and design by Vincent Oliver.


All tracks written and recorded by Anne Sulikowski.