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Format: CD
Artist: Bruce Soord
CatNo: KSCOPE787
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Bruce_Soord Luminescence CD The_Pineapple_Thief Bruce Soord
CD edition of Bruce Soord’s 2023 studio album.
Each purchase comes with a postcard.
Bruce Soord’s profile has grown substantially over the last decade. In addition to his solo work and being chief songwriter of The Pineapple Thief, his exceptional production skills and coveted mixing has seen Bruce working for acts including TesseracT, Opeth and Jethro Tull.  
Inspired by the idea of finding inner peace, Luminescence explores the difficulty of living in the maelstrom of the modern world. Born from days exploring various cities whilst on tour, tracks from the album feature recordings from Soord’s wanderings captured on a field recorder. 
With acoustic guitar at the centre of the album, tracks such as Lie Flat appear simple on the surface, yet reveal Soord’s unmistakable intricacies throughout. 
The album’s lead track and single Dear Life encapsulate Soord’s unique sense of poised melancholy, while Nestle In flirts with electronica. Olomouc’s rousing strings work against the acoustic backdrop of Soord’s guitar to paint a vivid picture of the stillness that the record describes. 
Recorded between January and June of 2023 at Soord Studios, additional strings were recorded at RAK Studio 3 in London (arranged and conducted by Andrew Skeet, a long-time member of The Divine Comedy and orchestrator on many films/tv shows, from Netflix’s smash hit Black Mirror to David Attenborough’s Green Planet).
Mastered by The Pineapple Thief’s Steve Kitch, the artwork is by Carl Glover.


1. Dear Life [3:27]
2. Lie Flat [3:52]
3. Olomouc [3:55]
4. So Simple [2:05]
5. Never Ending Light [4:33]
6. Day of All Days [3:20]
7. Nestle In [3:13]
8. Instant Flash of Light [3:37]
9. Rushing [3:03]
10. Stranded Here [3:42]
11. Read to Me [2:08]
12. Find Peace [4:46]