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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Brian Eno
CatNo: ENOLP11
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Brian_Eno The_Ship Coke_Bottle_Green_vinyl Limited
The Ship is the 2016 studio release from Brian Eno. Eno's first since 2012's Grammy-nominated LUX, The Ship is as much a musical novel as traditional album.
Eno brings together beautiful songs, minimalist ambience, electronics, narratives and technical innovation into a four part cinematic suite.  
The result is the very best of Eno and an album without parallel in his catalogue.
Limited coke bottle green vinyl in eco-packaging, remastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road and issued to celebrate Eno’s first-ever solo tour.
“The Ship is a great, unexpected record. The title track and “Fickle Sun (i)” on their own and as a connected piece of music are marvelous accomplishments, distinctive in Eno’s catalog. And “I’m Set Free” immediately ranks among the most perfect-sounding pop songs Eno has ever had a hand in making.”Pitchfork
Limited to 1-per-person
Side A
1. The Ship
Side B
1. Fickle Sun I
2. Fickle Sun II • The Hour Is Thin
3. Fickle Sun III • I’m Set Free