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Format: CD
Artist: Brian Davison's Every Which Way
CatNo: ECLEC2709
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Brian Davisons Every Which Way Every Which Way The Nice CD
Re-mastered 50th anniversary edition of the sole album by the celebrated Progressive rock group Every Which Way, led by Brian Davison (The Nice, Refugee). 
Formed by drummer Davison upon the demise of The Nice in early 1970, Every Which Way took a more Jazz influenced take on Progressive rock, which suited Davison’s style perfectly. The band recorded their only album at Trident studios soon after formation and signed with the recently founded Charisma label. The finished result was a fine record which earned much critical praise upon its release.
Released on the Charisma label, the album’s songs were mostly written by Graham Bell, whose superb voice was a key part of the album’s success.
1. Bed Ain't What It Used To (9:24)
2. Castle Sand (6:38)
3. Go Placidly (3:45)
4. All In Time (8:46)
5. What You Like (3:36)
6. The Light (6:15)