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Artist: Blind Willie McTell
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Blind Willie McTell King Of The Georgia Blues Charly boxset
Blind Willie McTell was immortalised in a song bearing his own name by no less a writer than Bob Dylan which included the classic line "I know one thing no-body can sing the blues like Blind Willie McTell".
This luxury set is a comprehensive guide to McTell, the 'King of the Georgia Blues Singers' and a master of the 12-string guitar, containing no less than 117 tracks recorded between 1927 and 1949, including the immortal 'Statesboro Blues'.
The six discs are included in individual card wallets in a deluxe box which includes a definitive 36 page booklet including an exhaustive history and track details. All this for the price of a single full-price CD.
DISC ONE - 1927-1931
1. Writin' Paper Blues
2. Stole Rider Blues
3. Mamma, Tain't Long 'Fo Day
4. Mr. McTell Got The Blues
5. Mr. McTell Got The Blues
6. Three Women Blues
7. Dark Night Blues
8. Statesboro Blues
9. Loving Talking Blues
10. Atlanta Strut
11. Travelin' Blues
12. Come On Around To My House Mama
13. Kind Mama
14. Teasing Brown (Harris & Harris, vcl)
15. Drive Away Blues
16. This Is Not The Stove To Brown Your Bread (Harris & Harris, vcl)
17. Love Changing Blues
18. Talkin' To Myself
19. Razor Ball
20. Southern Can Is Mine
DISC TWO - 1931-1933
1. Broke Down Engine Blues
2. Stomp Down Rider
3. Scarey Day Blues
4. Rough Alley Blues (Ruth Willis, vcl)
5. Experience Blues (Ruth Willis, vcl)
6. Painful Blues (Ruth Willis, vcl)
7. Low Rider's Blues
8. Georgia Rag
9. Low Down Blues (Ruth Willis, vcl)
10. Rollin' Mama Blues
11. Lonesome Day Blues
12. Mama, Let Me Scoop For You
13. Searching The Desert For The Blues
14. Warm It Up To Me
15. It's Your Time To Worry
16. It's A Good Little Thing
17. You Was Born To Die (Curley Weaver, vcl)
18. Dirty Mistreater (Curley Weaver, vcl)
19. Lord Mercy If You Please
20. Don't You See How This World Made A Change
DISC THREE - 1933-1935
1. Savannah Mama
2. Broke Down Engine
3. Broke Down Engine No. 2
4. Broke Down Engine No. 2
5. My Baby's Gone
6. Love-Makin' Mama
7. Love Makin' Mama
8. Death Room Blues
9. Death Room Blues
10. Death Cell Blues
11. Lord, Send Me An Angel
12. Lord, Send Me An Angel
13. B & O Blues No. 2
14. B & O Blues No. 2
15. Weary Hearted Blues
16. Bell Street Lightnin'
17. Southern Can Mama
18. Runnin' Me Crazy
19. East St. Louis Blues (Fare Thee Well)
20. Ain't It Grand To Be A Christian
DISC FOUR - 1935-1940
1. We Got To Meet Death One Day
2. We Got To Meet Death One Day
3. Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around
4. I Got Religion, I'm So Glad
5. Trick Ain't Walking No More (Curley Weaver, vcl)
6. Oh Lawdy Mama (Curley Weaver, vcl)
7. Two Faced Woman (Curley Weaver, vcl)
8. Early Morning Blues (Curley Weaver, vcl)
9. Fried Pie Blues (Curley Weaver, vcl)
10. Dying Gambler
11. God Don't Like It
12. Bell Street Blues
13. Let Me Play With Yo' Yo-Yo
14. Lay Some Flowers On My Grave
15. Ticket Agent Blues
16. Cold Winter Day
17. Your Time To Worry
18. Cooling Board Blues
19. Hillbilly Willie's Blues
20. Just As Well Get Ready, You Got To Die/Climbing High Mountains, Trying To Get Home
DISC FIVE - 1940-1949
1. Monologue On Accidents
2. Boll Weevil
3. Delia
4. Dying Crapshooter's Blues
5. Will Fox
6. I Got To Cross The River Jordan
7. Monologue On Old Songs/Old Time Religion, Amen
8. Amazing Grace
9. Monologue : On The History Of The Blues/On Life As A Maker Of Records/On Himself
10. King Edward Blues
11. Murderer's Home Blues
12. Kill-It Kid Rag
13. Chainey
14. I Got To Cross De River O' Jordan
15. Don't Forget It
16. A To Z Blues
17. Good Little Thing
18. You Can't (Get) Stuff No More
19. Love Changin' Blues
20. Savannah Mama
DISC SIX - 1949
1. Talkin' To You Mama
2. East St. Louis
3. Wee Midnight Hours
4. Brown Skin Woman (Curley Weaver, vcl)
5. I Keep On Drinkin' (Curley Weaver, vcl)
6. Pal Of Mine
7. Pal Of Mine
8. Honey It Must Be Love
9. Sending Up My Timber
10. Sending Up My Timber
11. Lord Have Mercy If You Please
12. Trying To Get Home
13. River Jordan
14. How About You
15. It's My Desire
16. It's My Desire # 2
17. Hide Me In Thy Bosom