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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Bjorn Riis
CatNo: KAR139LP
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Bjorn Riis Airbag Coming Home vinyl
Coming Home is Airbag co-founder, songwriter and lead guitarist, Bjørn Riis’s 2018 mini-album follow-up to the acclaimed 2017 release, Forever Comes to an End.

Bjørn’s unique guitar playing has a centre role, with soaring leads and beautiful textures. 
Bjørn explains. “I’m really proud of the vocals this time and the duet with me and (Norwegian singer) Sichelle on Drowning is very emotional.” Bjørn continues, “Lyrically, Coming Home deals with the fear and insecurity of being forgotten by the people around you.” 
Vinyl version.
1. Daybreak
2. Coming Home
3. Drowning
4. Tonight’s the Night
5. Lullabies in a Car Crash (alternate version)