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Format: CD
Artist: Billy MacKenzie
CatNo: CDTRED856
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Billy MacKenzie Satellite Life 3CD The Associates
Coinciding with the 25-year anniversary of iconic vocalist Billy MacKenzie’s passing, a triple-CD collection, highlighting Billy's collaborations with Steve Aungle.
Around 1994, Billy met Steve Aungle and the pair sparked off each other, prompting a productive musical relationship. Sadly, few of these sessions were issued during Billy’s lifetime. Some recordings appeared on two posthumous albums, Beyond The Sun (1997) and Eurocentric (2001). A couple more surfaced on Auchtermatic (2004).
Steve Aungle has long felt that the recordings hadn’t been presented or sequenced appropriately. Therefore, to coincide with the quarter century anniversary of Billy’s passing, Steve has curated this collection, which re-assembles past recordings with several previously unreleased songs (including some collaborations with Dennis Wheatley and Laurence Jay Cedar.
Lovingly presented with hitherto unseen photos of Billy from the relevant period, with incisive sleeve-notes from Steve Aungle and other collaborators, Satellite Life captures the spirit of one of the most unquely talented British performers of all-time.
Winter Academy
1. Sing That Song Again
2. Winter Academy
3. Wild Is The Wind
4. Blue It Is
5. The Soul That Sighs
6. Mother Earth
7. And This She Knows
8. When The World Was Young
9. Tallahatchie Pass *
10. Baltimore *
11. Nocturne VII
12. Beyond The Sun
13. Return To Love
Consenting Holograms
1. 3 Gypsies In A Restaurant
2. Falling Out With The Future
3. Put This Right *
4. Diamanda *
5. Hornophobic
6. 14th Century Nightlife
7. Consenting Holograms Have More Fun *
8. Fear Is My Bride *
9. Here Comes The Rain Again
10. Eurocentric *
11. Mysterious Lover *
12. Return To Love 2 *
13. Give Me Time (remix) *
Liberty Lounge
1. Tomorrow People *
2. The Mountains That You Climb *
3. McArthur’s Son *
4. Liberty Lounge
5. Sour Jewel
6. 14 Mirrors
7. Give Me Time
8. At The Edge Of The World
9. Satellite Life
10. 14 Mirrors 2 *
11. Velvet
12. Your Own Fire *
13. Van Hamburg *
* previously unissued