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Format: cd
Artist: Bill Nelson
CatNo: COCD1003
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Bill Nelson Luminous CD
Dating from 1990, Luminous has been unavailable for over 20 years and is part of an ongoing Bill Nelson reissue series. 
Nelson has described the album as, "A fragment from my home studio sketchbook. A collection of previously unreleased songs, which have been preserved in their original raw state. The rule was to use only first takes and to move from the initial idea to final mix in as short a time as possible. Although the recordings were made with the use of limited technology, I hope that the result captures something of the charm and innocence of spontaneous improvised songwriting..."
This edition fully restores the original artwork and features sleeve notes by Bill Nelson.
1. A Luminous Kind of Guy (2:14) 
2. Tiny Aeroplanes (2:56) 
3. Bright Sparks (2:42) 
4. Is This Alchemy? (2:34) 
5. Language of the Birds (3:46) 
6. All I Am Is You (2:09) 
7. Life in Reverse (3:02) 
8. Telepathic Cats (2:57) 
9. Two Hearts Beating (3:34) 
10. Blood Off the Wall (2:38) 
11. She's Got Me Floating (3:34) 
12. It's OK (2:28) 
1.3 Burning Down (3:57) 
14. Her True and Perfect Serpent (5:28) 
15. Wait For Tomorrow (1:48) 

Bill Nelson - All instruments/Production.