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Format: cd
Artist: Bill Bruford
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Bill Bruford Winterfold Collection CD
Winterfold Records was created in 2004 as a means of collecting and releasing the Rock orientated side of Bill Bruford's music.
This CD is a collection of 13 of the best tracks from across 6 Winterfold albums, and features music from Bruford-Moraz and the fabled late 1970s Bruford band (with Dave Stewart, Allan Holdsworth and Jeff Berlin). 
An ideal introduction to the Rock side of Bill Bruford.
1. Back to the Beginning
2. Seems Like A Lifetime Ago Pt.1
3. Seems Like A Lifetime Ago Pt.2
4. Hell's Bells
5. Travels with Myself, and Someone Else
6. Age of Information
7. The Sliding Floor
8. Symmetry
9. Blue Brains
10. Flags
11. Everything You've Heard is True
12. Sample and Hold
13. Adios a la Pasada