Price: £12.99
Format: cd
Artist: Bill Bruford's Earthworks
CatNo: BBSF005CD
"Over hundreds of nights and thousands of concerts, the imperceptible removal of grime and accretion will, you hope, let your light shine forth more brightly" - Bill Bruford.
Bruford has, by his own count, played some 2800 concerts since his light began shining in the early 1970s, as a singularly brilliant art-rock drummer with Yes and King Crimson. This double live album, with tunes drawn mainly from the studio albums A Part, And Yet Apart and The Sound of Surprise, shows Bruford in the context of the later acoustic sax-piano jazz quartet incarnation of his long-running Earthworks band.
5 out of 5 - Downbeat
Available as a standard, Japanese and a Bill Bruford signed edition.
Disc 1:
1. Footloose And Fancy Free (9:01) 
2. If Summer Had Its Ghosts (8:29) 
3. A Part, And Yet Apart (10:26) 
4. Triplicity (7:39) 
5. Come To Dust (10:53) 
6. No Truce With The Furies (6:55) 
7. The Wooden Man Sings, And The Stone Woman Dances (7:20) 
Disc 2:
1. Revel Without A Pause (8:42) 
2. Never The Same Way Once (10:16) 
3. Original Sin (7:49) 
4. Cloud Cuckoo Land (8:08) 
5. Dewey-eyed, Then Dancing (6:33) 
6. The Emperor's New Clothes (7:45) 
7. Bridge Of Inhibition (7:51) 
- Patrick Clahar / Tenor and soprano saxophones 
- Steve Hamilton / piano 
- Mark Hodgson / bass 
- Bill Bruford / drums