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Artist: Bill Thomas
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A comprehensive guide to the extraordinary music of Kate Bush, Bill Thomas’s book examines KB's entire recorded catalogue from The Kick Inside through to Before The Dawn, hoovering up all the B-sides and the rarities along the way. 
Across ten studio albums and a live record of the 2014 Hammersmith Apollo residency, Kate Bush has constantly reinvented her sound. She has often strayed from the commercial path of least resistance to examine the less travelled musical byways that have provided the inspiration for a brilliant and unique body of work.
Bill Thomas was born in the mid-1960s, and after leaving the bright lights and romance of management accountancy behind him, he has carried on what he optimistically calls ‘a career’ in both music and football over the course of the last 30 years. Since he couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket and has concrete feet, that career has been limited to nothing more than writing about both disciplines, which is about as close as he is ever going get. He lives in Shropshire, UK.