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Format: Book/Magazine
Artist: Bill Rieflin / Iona Singleton
CatNo: BS_9738_BK
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Bill Rieflin Iona Singleton Within Without Volume 1 Book
This landmark issue of an independent annual print publication series that shares intimate perspectives into the hearts and minds of creatives unfolds over 90 pages of Bill Rieflin's personal correspondence with the editor, Iona Singleton.
Bill (drummer and multi-instrumentalist with R.E.M, King Crimson, Ministry etc) shares his intimate thoughts during the last four years of his life, from 2016 until his passing on the 24th March 2020. His letters are beautiful, sarcastic, and disturbing. He imbues the mundane with the whimsical, searching for a deeper meaning amid his own illness and the death of his wife, Francesca.
“I think sharing is a natural aspect of human experience. Sharing who we are is an expression of love.” - Bill Rieflin
Paperback book including bookmark and postcard.