Acquitted By Mirrors was a Bill Nelson Fan Club magazine published between 1982 and 1990. Transcorder collects all the EPs Bill Nelson produced for the magazine plus hard-to-find B-sides and rare tracks. The album closes with five previously unreleased instrumentals.
Recorded on 4-track and 8-track analogue equipment at The Echo Observatory (Bill’s home studio), some of the tracks can be found on various CD releases, while many other pieces are making their long-awaited CD debut with this release.
2CD in digisleeve with booklet
01)  Sleepcycle
02)  Konny Buys A Kodak
03)  When The Birds Return
04)  The Beat That Can't Go Wrong Today
05)  King Of The Cowboys
06)  Shadowland
07)  Carnival
08)  Spring
09)  Dancing On A Knife's Edge
10)  Indiscretion
11)  Contemplation
12)  The World And His Wife
13)  Dream Car Romantics (In Death's Garage Antics)
14)  Dancing Music
15)  Hard Facts From The Fiction Department
16)  Daily Bells
17)  Rhythm Unit
18)  Junc-Sculpture
01)  The Strangest Things, The Strangest Times
02)  Phantom Gardens
03)  French Promenade
04)  Golden Mile
05)  West-Deep
06)  Threnodia
07)  A Dream Fulfilled
08)  Familiar Spirit
09)  Palais Des Marines
10)  Letter To Jacques Maritain
11)  Villefranche Interior
12)  Tony Goes To Tokyo (And Rides The Bullet Train)
13)  Highway 2000
14)  Dancing In The Wind
15)  Get Out Of That Hole
16)  My Dream Demon
17)  Try
18)  The Jitters
19)  Roto-Scope
20)  Marine Drive
21)  Dark Horse