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Artist: Bill Nelson
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Bill Nelson Theatre of Falling Leaves Limited CD
2009's Theatre Of Falling Leaves is a Bill Nelson instrumental album issued on the Sonoluxe label in a single print run of 1000 copies.
Recording of the album commenced in January 2009, and was assembled alongside material that would form two other contrasting albums, Fancy Planets and Here Comes Mr Mercury.  
Initially the project was given the working title of Haiku Sound Box, and was conceived as a minimalist, ambient keyboard-based album, while the projects competing alongside it for material were contrastingly stylised. However, the direction the keyboard based material took resulted in the Haiku Sound Box title being set aside for another potential future work.
Nelson re-thought his plans for the keyboard-based material, initially re-naming it Sparkle And Spin in the process. A couple of months into the project Nelson very nearly changed his mind and considered mixing the Sparkle And Spin material with other material then allocated to an album with working title Sway And Swoon (eventually released as Fancy Planets). Ultimately though, he reverted back to his original intentions, naming the album of keyboard-based material Theatre Of Falling Leaves.
CD in jewel case.
01)  Thoughts Travel (for Miles)
02)  You Here Now in William’s World
03)  The Darcey Bussell Rubberwear Fantasia
04)  Tiny Mice Are Dancing in the Cottage of Her Dreams
05)  Planet of Sleeping Buddhas
06)  Pagoda Dreamhouse
07)  Tumbletown
08)  Dance, Mighty Robot, Dance!
09)  Superserene
10)  Theatre of Falling Leaves
11)  Sparkle and Spin
12)  Space Ace Gets His Girl
13)  Django Dreams of Twinkleland
14)  From Here to Far Orion