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Format: CD
Artist: Bill Nelson
CatNo: CD059-CD058
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Bill Nelson Stupid-Serious_Marvellous Realms CD bundle

A bundle of both the CDs of Stupid/Serious and Marvellous Realms by Bill Nelson.


1. Polishing the Chromes
2. Time is a Mechanism
3. Silver Rain (Marooned in a Fairytale)
4. Paging Mr. God
5. Lo and Behold
6. I Drift Away Amongst the Stars
7. Domain of Echo
8. A Trembling in the Air
9. Stupid-Stupid (Deep and Serious)
10. Meek and Wild (The Ghost in Joe’s Studio)
11. We Were Young
12. It’s a Simple Life
13. Tongues of Fire (Resist)
14. Nevermore
15. A Face in the Mirror
16. Dreams Turn to Dust
17. Twilight Planetarium
Marvellous Realms
01)  Nevernoon
02)  Marvellous Realms
03)  The Way Of The World
04)  The Gold Beyond The Blue
05)  The Weather Song
06)  Signalling As We Go
07)  Some Jiggery Pokery
08)  Here On Earth
09)  Whoops! I'm Going Back In Time
10)  It's A Long Time Between Dreams
11)  The Mystic
12)  Imaginary Music
13)  The Illuminator
14)  Heaven Is A State Of Mind
15)  A Thought In Passing
16)  Your Magic Man In The Sky