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Bill Nelson Picture Post Limited CD
Recorded in 2007, Picture Post is an instrumental album created from a soundtrack Bill Nelson was commissioned to write for a documentary called American Stamps, broadcast by the PBS channel.  
"It’s an album of ‘miniatures’, 22 short pieces of very detailed, lush sounding instrumental music. The closest I can get to describing it is to say that it combines the keyboard approach of Theatre of Falling Leaves with some of the orchestral textures of The Alchemical Adventures of Sailor Bill. This mixture is sprinkled here and there with electric guitar, sometimes in a slick, jazzy mood, sometimes in a chromium-plated, surf mood. There’s also a touch of banjo and slide guitar. Oh, and a hint of electronica." - Bill Nelson
CD in jewel case and issued on the Sonoluxe label in a single print run of 1000 copies. 
01)  Sunny Day for a Happy Postman
02)  Postcard to a Penfriend
03)  Music Spins My Globe
04)  I Send These Dreams to You
05)  A Christmas Cowboy Outfit
06)  Skimming Stones
07)  In Anticipation
08)  Shibuya Screen
09)  September Promenade
10)  Airmail Guitar
11)  A Day at West Acre
12)  Greetings from Surf Guitar Island
13)  Beach Hut Beauties
14)  Dream of an American Streetcar
15)  Mobile Homes on the Range
16)  Surf King Sails In
17)  Big Ship
18)  Filigree Balcony
19)  Clouds Drift North
20)  The Toy Trumpet
21)  Pageant
22)  Emphatically Yours