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Format: Boxset
Artist: Bill Nelson
CatNo: CD055
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Bill Nelson My Private Cosmos 6CD
A 6CD bookset, My Private Cosmos gathers together recordings Bill Nelson made during the Pandemic lockdowns of 2020 and early 2021. 
Comes with an exclusive postcard and a thick gauge Bill Nelson plectrum.
'My recording routine has always been an ever evolving, continuous process but during lockdown it became even more intense. Some of the ‘lockdown’ work I achieved has already been released on the double album Dazzlebox, but the 94 tracks represented here constitute the remainder. 
I originally intended to make My Private Cosmos either a single, or maybe a double, album and reserve the extra tracks for separate, individual album releases. However, my desire to ‘clear the decks’ of this material, (and thereby clear my head of the somewhat strange conditions it was recorded under,) led me to decide on this six disc set.' - Bill Nelson
01)  Are You Listening?
02)  My Private Cosmos
03)  I Dream Of Giant Telescopes
04)  Lightning Strikes The Steeple
05)  Hang This Moment On A Sigh
06)  They Tell You This, They Tell You That
07)  Driving Through England
08)  Light Rain
09)  Set Your Dials For Dreaming
10)  Kingdom Of The Sky
11)  Kirkella Bells
12)  Living On The Moon Tonight
13)  The Dusk Before The Dark
14)  Glittering Figures (A Gnostic Lullaby)
15)  Days Of Wonder
16)  Picture Perfect
01)  Thunder, Perfect Mind
02)  With All The Will In The World
03)  The Crystal Gazing Room (No Sleep For The Alchemist)
04)  The Astronomy Of The Heart
05)  On An Ocean Of Dreams
06)  This Land Is Haunted
07)  Friday In The Future
08)  Mists Of Time
09)  In The Chapel Of Her Sparkles
10)  The Trees Are Full Of Whistling Birds
11)  Dreaming Of Another World
12)  Time's Tide (The Dreams That Escape Me)
13)  Your Secret Sign
14)  Under Fading Star
15)  Forever Ago
​01)  I Watch The World
02)  Through My Window
03)  Another Rainy Day
04)  When The Wind Blows All Away
05)  Time Stops Right Here
06)  I Was Speaking With Orson Welles
07)  Techno Punk Gets Rhythm
08)  Merry And Bright
09)  Old Brown Town
10)  Lanterns Are Lighting
11)  The Universe Is Fast Asleep
12)  Seven Keys To This City
13)  Osram Diadem
14)  Fantastico
15)  The Paradox Machine
16)  The 21st Century
01)  Silver Sparks And Coloured Stars
02)  Helios In Memoryland
03)  Gazing Through Golden Windows
04)  The Navigator
05)  An Acre Of Sunshine
06)  The Light In The Mirror (The Bone Beneath The Skin)
07)  Ghosts Dance In Ghostland
08)  The Memory Museum (Room One)
09)  Silver Stars Will Shine
10)  Ghost Trains Travel On Phantom Tracks
11)  I Recall Jets At Dawn
12)  There's A Star Somewhere
13)  The Spectral Waltz Of Venus
14)  My Private Cosmos 2 (Part Two)
15)  Curiosity's Domain
​01)  A Dip In The Sparkle Jar
02)  This Clockwork World
03)  When We Were Beautiful
04)  Hi-Tone Saturday
05)  Mechanical City One
06)  Dreamlike World
07)  Coasting
08)  Some Days It's Orange, Some Days It's Blue
09)  In The Land Of Nothing Doing
10)  Magic And Mystery
11)  The Super Sensualist
12)  White Falcon Two
13)  Far Side Of Nowhere
14)  The TV's On The Blink
15)  And All The World Was Ours
​01)  Moonlight Rider
02)  Ancient Angels Watching Me
03)  The Long Lost Summer
04)  The Roy Rogers Radio Ranch
05)  Space Cowboys
06)  White Falcon One
07)  Wonder Kid
08)  Puzzlepop
09)  My Catalogue Of Dreams
10)  The Infernal Machine
11)  Until Tomorrow
12)  Comic Cuts
13)  The Listening Station
14)  There Are Stars Beyond The Night
15)  Celluloid Ghosts
16)  Hey Ho, There You Go
17)  Mortal Coils