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Format: cd
Artist: Bill Nelson
CatNo: SLSCD001
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Bill Nelson Model Village limited CD
2011's Model Village is an instrumental album released on the Sonoluxe label issued in a single print run of 1000 copies
The album represents a significant departure from Nelson’s past instrumental work in that it employs a vast array of synthesized orchestral instruments and was conceived as a film score for an imagined movie.
Model Village was the first release that Nelson designated as part of his ‘Special Listener Series’.
CD in digipak.
01)  Morning’s Herald
02)  Dance of the Orchard Angels
03)  The Curate’s Cassock is Troubled by the Breeze
04)  Cross Country
05)  Pamela and the Pony Club
06)  Windmill Interlude
07)  Thicket and Loam
08)  The Fabulous Foals of Faraway Farm
09)  Thunder Blooms in the Heat Bruised Sky
10)  The Wind in the Wood
11)  Merry Are the Wind Blown Crows
12)  The Tree That Dreamed of Violas
13)  Twilight and the River
14)  The Village Dreams Beneath the Stars