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Format: cd
Artist: Bill Nelson
CatNo: CD011
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Bill Nelson Mazda Kaleidoscope limited CD
Mazda Kaleidoscope is an instrumental album from 2008 issued on the Sonoluxe label in a single print run of 1000 copies.
The album - which places an emphasis on minimalist, abstract pieces - was recorded as the third and final part of a trilogy of complementary releases (the associated albums being Silvertone Fountains and Illuminated At Dusk).
CD in jewel case.
01)  All the World Flies Kites Tonight
02)  Blue Skies Listen, The Unstruck Bell
03)  The Nebulous Adventures of Newton Kyme
04)  Lamps Are Lit in the Land of Tomorrow
05)  Yes and Always and Forever
06)  Evening Illuminator
07)  Mazda Kaleidoscope
08)  The Trace We Left When All Was Gone