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Format: cd
Artist: Bill Nelson
CatNo: AstrotoneCD002
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Bill Nelson Loom Limited CD
Loom is an instrumental album from 2015 issued in a one-off print run of 500 copies on the Astrotone label. The album was a follow up to the extremely limited CDR Astroloops (issued to purchasers of the Eastwood Astroluxe Custom Ltd. guitar).
Nelson announced on the Dreamsville forum that he had commenced work on this album in September 2014 around the time that the Astroloops album had effectively been snapped up by pre-orders for the Astroluxe guitar. At this stage the album had a working title of Lustre And Illusion, although Crystal Springs was another possible title under consideration. The recordings were completed in October 2014.
Ironically though, when the album was at the mastering stage, there was a misunderstanding in selecting the tracks from Nelson's DAT masters, and the title track "Loom" was mistakenly replaced by a track from Quiet Bells called "Chiming Shires".  In a rare lapse of quality control, Nelson had not played the reference disc in full before authorising the album's release, and the mistake wasn't picked up until after the album went on sale.
As a result of this error, Nelson arranged for a download of the missing track. The missing track will be available to download from your account immediately after CD purchase.
Loom (the album) went on sale on 7 December 2015, and after 7 days was taken off sale with the 10 remaining copies sold through email enquiries.
CD in jewel case.
Limited to one copy per person
01)  Ladies Removing Lingerie
02)  Smoke and Wires
03)  The Happy Clock
04)  Flights of Fancy
05)  Billy's Holiday
06)  The Clockwork Rocket
07)  Tick-Tock-Tick
08)  Spooks in the Shed
09)  Reversing Through Willows
10)  The Echo, The Shadow, The Empty Shell
11)  Puckish
12)  C-Shell
13)  A Lovely Dazzle
14)  Corrosive
15)  The Light We Cannot See
16)  Your Taxi to the Stars
17)  The Lonely Spaceman
18)  Loom