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Bill Nelson Fantasmatron limited CD

2011's Fantasmatron is an album of vocal pieces released on the Sonoluxe label issued in a single print run of 1000 copies

The album began life as Lamplowdownlowland.  

CD in jewel case.

01)  When God Was a Rabbit and Buddha Was a Mouse (Over the Moon Two)
02)  The Captain’s in the Wheelhouse (Fabled Quixote)
03)  Everything Changes with the Weather
04)  Fantasmatron
05)  Melancholia Lagoons
06)  Signal Destinations
07)  Slinky Incantations
08)  Kaleidoscopic Windows
09)  Lights Shine When We Dream
10)  Lampdownlowland
11)  A Reliable Bicycle and a Map of the Heart (Trip Two)
12)  My Wild Atomic Wedding Day
13)  The Thought That Counts
14)  Art is Long and Time is Fleeting