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Bill Nelson Dynamos and Tremolos limited CD
2018's Dynamos And Tremolos is an instrumental album issued on the Sonoluxe label.
​The album was recorded in August and September 2015 and began life as a 1980s synth retro album, before Nelson elected to mix in half a dozen guitar based tracks to provide an element of contrasting styles and sounds.
Soon after the album was commenced in mid-August 2015, Nelson began to experience intermittent problems with his second Mackie mixing desk, bought second hand six months earlier, to replace his original machine which he had purchased at the beginning of his move to digital recording back in 2000.   
​The mixing desk limped through the making of Dynamos And Tremolos (and the subsequent project Luxury Wonder Moments) before finally packing in completely before the end of 2015.
When completed, Dynamos and Tremolos joined an ever expanding backlog of unreleased material having to wait its turn for release alongside over a dozen albums' worth of material.  Consequently Dynamos And Tremolos would lie dormant for two and a half years, until Nelson began to assemble artwork for it in February 2018. 
The album was mastered at Fairview on 12 March 2018 at the same session as Drive This Comet Across the Sky.
A 500 copy limited edition CD in digipak.
Limited to one copy per person
01)  City of Tomorrow
02)  Electric Railway Overhead
03)  Baby Robot
04)  Tales of the Intergalactic Glee Club
05)  The Beautiful Machine
06)  Dynatron
07)  Sine Waves Singing in a Silver Tower
08)  Quick as a Flash
09)  Halogen
10)  Happy Little Hovercar
11)  Spaceship Away!
12)  Echoes of the Age