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Format: CD
Artist: Bill Nelson
CatNo: CD054
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Bill Nelson Dazzlebox 2CD
Bill Nelson's second studio release of 2021 is a stunning all-instrumental affair that showcases Nelson's prodigious guitar and production talents.
"Dazzlebox is the second release of recordings made using my relatively new Cubase recording software. It is an instrumental double album with a variety of stylistic twists and turns. The tracks sometimes use 'distressed' drum and percussion sounds, electronic effects and keyboards but always layered with a rainbow of electric guitars.
The thirty tracks presented here provide a rich, sometimes complex listening experience. It will require a patient and attentive ear to fully appreciate, but I hope you will take the time to unlock the music's charms and find much to enjoy." - Bill Nelson
2CD digisleeve with 8-page booklet.
1: Antique Gods
2: Show Home
3: Art Deco Dance
4: Sleepless City
5: In A Streamlined World
6: Reverse Engineering
7: We Run Before The Wind
8: My Amigo
9: Covered In Chrome
10: Our Friends In The Stars
11: The Road To Elsewhere
12: The Clockwork Light Machine
13: Otherworld
14: A Cottage On The Moon
15: Unearthlings
1: Squeaky Toytown 
2: Radio Rialto
3: North Yorkshire Moors Rain (For Harold Budd) 
4: Blue Spin
5: Venetian Submarines 
6: Tweetime 
7: Green Tiger In The Gold
8: Selectatone
9: Tremola 
10: Experimental Erotica (Scene One) 
11: In The Realms Of The Unreal
12: Billy’s Blues
13: Footsteps In Rain 
14: Spy Vs Spy 
15: Experimental Erotica (Scene Two)