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Format: cd
Artist: Bruford
CatNo: BBWF006CD
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Bruford The Bruford Tapes 2CD Canterbury Bill Bruford
One of the first of the "beat the bootleggers" albums, The Bruford Tapes was recorded for a live radio broadcast in Long Island, New York in the Summer of 1979. 
Featuring the Bill Bruford, Dave Stewart, Jeff Berlin and 'The Unknown' John Clark line-up, the album ably captured the raw power of Bruford live, whilst sacrificing none of the band's instrumental sophistication.
2CD in jewel case. Includes An Introduction to Summerfold Records promotional disc
Shrinkwrapped, one copy has a tear to the wrap at the bottom right corner.


1. Hell's Bells 
2. Sample and Hold 
3. Fainting in Coils 
4. Travels with Myself - and Someone Else 
5. Beelzebub 
6. The Sahara of Snow (part 1) 
7. The Sahara of Snow (part 2) 
8. One of a Kind (part 2) 
9. 5g 
Bonus track:
10. The Age of Information