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Format: CD
Artist: Bill Bruford
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Bill Bruford One Of A Kind Japanese Canterbury promo CD
One Of A Kind, from 1979, is one of the most celebrated Bruford-related offerings.
Featuring the classic quartet of Bruford, Dave Stewart, Jeff Berlin and Allan Holdsworth, the album demonstrated a consistency and purity of vision that fully reflected the band's ongoing creative growth and maturity.
"A monumental step in the drummer's career, perhaps the greatest one, here is a branch from the progressive rock history tree that should not be overlooked." - Michael Ezzo, Expose.
1988 Japanese reissue.
Stickered 見本盤 'Sample board' in Japanese. CD in jewel case (obi is missing)
Please note this is not shrinkwrapped and has been in storage for many years. Sold as seen, no returns.


1. Hell's Bells (3:33)
2. One of a Kind, Pt. 1 (2:20)
3. One of a Kind, Pt. 2 (4:04)
4. Travels With Myself - And Someone Else (6:13)
5. Fainting in Coils (6:33)
6. Five G (4:46)
7. The Abingdon Chasp (4:54)
8. Forever Until Sundary (5:51)
9. The Sahara of Snow, Pt. 1 (5:18)
10. The Sahara of Snow, Pt. 2 (3:24)