Price: £39.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Big Big Train
CatNo: PLG091
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Big Big Train The Underfall Yard Black vinyl
The much anticipated first ever vinyl release of BBT's 2009 release The Underfall Yard, available as a triple black 180g LP in a trifold cover.
The set consists of the original album over 2 LPs with a further album containing 48 minutes of material, including a 2020 studio re-recording of the title track preceded by a previously unreleased brass prelude.
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1) Evening Star 4:53
2) Master James of St George 6:14                                                                                                                                        
1) Victorian Brickwork 13:09
1) Last Train 6:28
2) Winchester Diver 7:32
1) The Underfall Yard 23:12
1) Prelude to The Underfall Yard (2020 Version) 2:23
2) The Underfall Yard (2020 Version) 22:53
1) Songs From the Shoreline 18:56
2) Brew and Burgh 4:35