Big Big Train's classic English Electric Part Two remastered for wider dynamic range and repressed in a final limited edition of 500 copies on double 180g transparent orange vinyl.
Combines all the tracks from the English Electric Part Two CD and the Make Some Noise EP.
Purchases through Burning Shed come with a download of full album (available in Your Account).


Side One
1.  Make Some Noise 4:35
2.  Worked Out 7:29
3.  Keeper of Abbeys 6:58
Side Two
1.  Swan Hunter 6:18
2.  Seen Better Days 7:38
3.  Edgelands 1:30
4.  The Lovers 5:34
Side Three
1.  Leopards 3:53
2.  East Coast Racer 15:41
Side Four
1.  The Permanent Way 8:29
2.  Curator of Butterflies 8:42