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Format: CD
Artist: Biffy Clyro
CatNo: 0190296615054
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Biffy Clyro The Myth Of The Happily Ever Aft 2CD
Blending experimental flourishes with flashes of old school Biffy, The Myth of the Happily Ever After is an album that represents a reaction to the #1 offering A Celebration of Endings as well as a rapid emotional response to the turmoil of the past year. 
Double CD in tri-fold digisleeve.



1.            ‘DumDum’
2.            ‘A Hunger in Your Haunt’
3.            ‘Denier’
4.            ‘Separate Missions’
5.            ‘Witch’s Cup’
6.            ‘Holy Water’
7.            ‘Errors in the History of God’
8.            ‘Haru Urara’
9.            ‘Unknown Male 01’
10.          ‘Existed’
11.          ‘Slurpy Slurpy Sleep Sleep’
A Celebration Of Endings Livestream