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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Behemoth
CatNo: VILELP1074
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Behemoth Antichristian_Phenomenon Vinyl Peaceville
Behemoth’s Antichristian Phenomenon presented on black vinyl, with all seven tracks compiled together from the original CD version.
Originally released in 2000, the album contains tracks recorded during the Thelema.6 sessions (self-produced at Hendrix Studios in Poland). The releases included new material, reworked material, and cover songs from Sarcofago and - in the face of convention - David Bowie. Additionally, the release also contained covers of the Morbid Angel classic Day of Suffering and the timeless Carnage by Norwegian Black Metal legends, Mayhem.
Behemoth was formed in Poland in 1991 by band mastermind, Nergal. The evolution of Behemoth grew out of early demos and studio recordings with strong Black Metal roots and atmospherics, into brutal Extreme Metal. The band stamped its own identity on the Metal world with compositions becoming more fierce than cold, and with a great maturity in songwriting and execution becoming clearly evident with each passing release, raising the Polish group proudly to the apex of the Extreme Metal world.
1. Antichristian Phenomenon [04:41]  
2. Malice [02:22] 
3. From The Pagan Vastlands 2000 [02:55] 
1. Satanas [02:05] 
2. Hallo Spaceboy [03:25]
3. Day Of Suffering [02:14] 
4. Carnage [04:03]