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Format: CD
Artist: Behemoth
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Behemoth Abyssus Abyssum Invocat Peaceville Live CD
A special CD release combining live and studio rarities from the Polish Death Metal masters.
Behemoth was born in Poland in 1991, formed by band mastermind, Nergal. 
This release combines the band’s Conjuration (2003) and Slaves Shall Serve (2005) EPs in an-all new package and shows the band at its brutal best on record and on stage (featuring live renditions of classic songs from the Behemoth catalogue). Also included on the release are studio cover versions given a touch of the Behemoth magic, including the infamous Welcome to Hell from Venom, Wish from Nine Inch Nails, and more. 
1 Conjuration Of Sleep Daemons 
2 Wish 
3 Welcome To Hell 
4 Christians To The Lions (live) 
5 Decade Ov Therion (live) 
6 From The Pagan Vastlands (live) 
7 Antichristian Phenomenon (live) 
8 Lam (live) 
9 Satan's Sword (I Have Become) (live) 
10 Chant For Exkaton 2000 E. V. (live) 
11 As Above So Below (live) 
12 Slaves Shall Serve 
13 Entering The Pylon Of Light 
14 Penetration 
15 Until You Call On The Dark 
16 Demigod (live) 
17 Slaves Shall Serve (live) 
18 Lam (live)