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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Beatrix Players
CatNo: BeaP002LP
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Beatrix_Players Living_and_Alive Blue-vinyl Amy_Birks
After a 5 year hiatus, the award-winning Beatrix Players are back with an eight piece line up and an intriguing new concept album. 
Founding member, writer and vocalist, Amy Birks is joined on the album by her co-writers from the original Beatrix Players line-up, Helena Dove, and guitarist Tom Manning
Also joining this expanded group are flautist John Hackett, guitarist Oliver Day (That Joe Payne / Yes Please), drummer Andrew Booker (Tim Bowness / No-Man), cellist Jane Fenton (LSO, LCO, RPO, Britten Ensemble etc), pianist Matthew Lumb and bassist Kyle Welch
Birks says, “Living & Alive is an honest album, that explores how life isn’t just about living, but that it’s about having the courage to really be alive and own it. Simply put; you are your best you, and will only ever be second best if you’re trying to be something other than you..."
Limited 140g blue vinyl in gatefold sleeve.
1. Snowflakes
2. Somebody Else's Eyes
3. This Is Your Life
4. Start Again
5. A Beautiful Lie
6. Overflow
7. Purgatory
8. You Can't Hit A Nail
9. Free
10. Me, I Am Me