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Format: CD
Artist: Michael Bearpark / Bernhard Wagner
CatNo: bshed0805
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Michael Bearpark Bernhard Wagner Pedaltone cd
Treated textures collide with ascending Minimalist pulses to create an unexpected and highly atmospheric collaboration between Burning Shed's innovative guitarist-in-residence, Michael Bearpark, and German Swiss looping guitarist Bernhard Wagner.  The album is packaged in a stunning Carl Glover sleeve.
side one: 
Overwritten I  9:19
Overwritten II 2:40 
Overwritten III 7:33 
Overwritten IV 2:53 
Overwritten V 7:59 
side two: 
Der Doppelgänger I 9:19 
Der Doppelgänger II 6:58 
Der Doppelgänger III 2:10 
Der Doppelgänger IV 2:38 
Der Doppelgänger V 6:46
Total 58:22
michael bearpark & bernhard wagner: 
guitars, effects & loops 
produced by michael bearpark 
recorded 2004 in glorious stereophonic sound 
all tracks copyright control 
design & photography by carl glover for aleph 
special thanks: matthias, flavio, os, peter, tim, pete, 
carl, vlad & dan, rick, lisa, ella, joe, steve and anne