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Format: CD-R
Artist: Michael Bearpark / Peter Chilvers
CatNo: BS_156_CD-r
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peter chilvers michael bearpark thin air cd-r
Recorded direct to DAT in a single hour-long session on 4th January 1996, Thin Air is a graceful and meditative loops album that finds Michael Bearpark and Peter Chilvers stepping outside of their usual Samuel Smiles and Darkroom personas and confidently drifting through the Ambient ether..
Fripp and Eno for the Starbucks generation.
one 17:49
two 6:58
three 13:36
four 7:40
five 4:08
michael bearpark - guitars
peter chilvers - keyboards, toast
all tracks composed, performed, produced and mixed by bearpark / chilvers
The tracks presented here were recorded direct to DAT in a single hour-long session on 4th January 1996.  There has been little post-production other than mixing and truncation, with the exception of the fifth track, which is the second track reversed and time-stretched.  All other tracks are as they were played, with no overdubs.  The closing notes of track three were fed live into a loop that forms the basis of track four.  Mike continued to play over this; I prepared lunch.
Peter Chilvers 27/11/1999