Price: £30.75
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Beardfish
Availability: 19-07-2024
CatNo: 19658894991
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Beardfish Destined_Solitaire Double_vinyl Rikard_Sjoblom

A 15th Anniversary release of Beardfish's fifth studio album, Destined Solitaire.

Available for the first time ever on vinyl, this remastered edition is issued as a double 140g LP in gatefold cover, with a fold-out 6-page booklet featuring the full cover artwork. The packaging also includes brand liner notes from frontman Rikard Sjöblom

1. Awaken The Sleeping (6:00) 
2. Destined Solitaire (10:50) 
1. Until You Comply – Entropy (5:21) 
2. In Real Life There Is No Algebra (4:30) 
1. Where The Rain Comes In (8:28) 
2. At Home Watching Movies (1:53) 
3. Coup De Grace (9:44) 
1. Abigails Questions (In An Infinite Universe) (9:12) 
2. The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of (10:40)