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Format: cd
Artist: Bass Communion
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Bass Communion Dronework Steven Wilson Limited CD
A 2019 edition of Bass Communion's Dronework
A single 20 minute piece recorded in 2003 and originally released as a standalone EP, Dronework was unavailable for many years until it was included as a digital download on the the new Bass Communion Bandcamp page earlier this year. 
This physical reissue - packaged in a beautiful Japanese style gatefold mini LP sleeve - expands the EP to almost 4 times its original length.
The CD contains a remaster of the 2003 track, 2 new versions using the same source material, and a remix by the legendary British experimental / drone collective :Zoviet*France:
Limited to 1000 copies.
1. Dronework (original) (20.16)
2. Dronework (:zoviet*france: 3pm mix) (15.37)
3. Dronework (2019 version 4) (15.52)
4. Dronework (requiem) (21.13)