Price: £45.98
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Autopsy
CatNo: VILELP1166-VILELP1125
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Autopsy Severed_Survival Marble_vinyl_bundle

A bundle of the two limited Severed Survival red/black marble 35th anniversary vinyl editions by Autopsy.

One has the original, banned, 'hooks' cover and the other has the replacement 'surgeons' artwork. Both versions come with a four page booklet featuring an interview with Dennis Dread.


1 Charred Remains
2 Service For A Vacant Coffin
3 Disembowel
4 Gasping For Air
5 Ridden With Disease
6 Pagan Saviour
1 Impending Dread
2 Severed Survival
3 Critical Madness
4 Embalmed
5 Stillborn