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Artist: Aura Noir
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Aura Noir Dreams Like Deserts CD
Norway’s Aura Noir was formed in 1993 by Aggressor and Apollyon in pursuit of a more thrash-based form of black metal than much of what was coming out at the time - particularly in their homeland - citing bands such as Slayer, Sodom and Kreator as inspirations along with purveyors of the scene such as Venom, for a dirtier, stripped down, violent black/thrash metal sound. Their first official release was the ‘Dreams Like Deserts’ EP on Hot Records in 1994.
‘Dreams Like Deserts’ was a fresh revelation upon release, launching the band amid the fever of the second wave of black metal sweeping the globe at the time. The result was a ferocious assault of dirty blackened thrash, immediately gaining Aura Noir cult acclaim in the process, which has continued to this day. 
This edition of ‘Dreams Like Deserts’ has been newly re-mastered at Strype studios in Oslo, and features additional rare & unheard tracks, including an appearance by Darkthrone’s Fenriz on ’The Tower and Limbs and Fevers’, plus unheard renditions of tracks from ’Deep Tracts of Hell’.
All members of Aura Noir have had illustrious careers to date, with Carl-Michael Eide (Aggressor) currently heading the twisted prog band, Virus, Apollyon is the present bassist in Immortal, and having being Mayhem’s guitarist and main writer for a long period, Blasphemer currently plays in atmospheric doom act, Ava Inferi. Aura Noir is considered the top black/thrash act in the scene.
1. The Rape 
2. Forlorn Blessings to the Dreamking 
3. Dreams Like Deserts 
4. Angel Ripper 
5. Snake 
6. Mirage
7. Deep Tracts of Hell (outtake)
8. Purification of Hell (outtake) 
9. Released Damnation (outtake) 
10. Broth of Oblivion (outtake) 
11. The Tower of Limbs and Fevers