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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Asia
CatNo: 4050538823714
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Asia Phoenix Double_vinyl John_Wetton Steve_Howe
A double LP edition of Asia's classic reunion album Phoenix (2008).
Seen as a triumphant return to form, the album featured the band's orginal superstar line-up of John Wetton, Steve Howe, Geoff Downes, and Carl Palmer.
This 2023 release includes liner notes from Asia expert Dave Gallant
Never Again 4:55
Nothing's Forever 5:46
Heroine 4:53
Sleeping Giant / No Way Back / Reprise 8:11
Alibis 5:40
I Will Remember You 5:10
Shadow Of A Doubt 4:18
Parallel Worlds / Vortex / Déyà 8:12
Wish I'd Known All Along 4:06
Orchard Of Mines 5:12
Over And Over 3:34
An Extraordinary Life 4:57