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Format: cd
Artist: TC&I
CatNo: TC&ICD001-TC&ICD002
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TCandI Great Aspirations and Naked Flam XTC CD

A bundle of the CDs of Great Aspirations EP and Naked Flames - TC&I Live At Swindon Arts Centre.


The debut EP by TC&I sees Colin Moulding and Terry Chambers put their XTC past behind them in order to create some truly original music (well…maybe and nod and a wink here and there….).

CD in digipak. 

Includes signed postcard


Naked Flames collects the best from TC&I's six momentous and stupendous shows at the Swindon Arts Centre in October and November 2018.

The shows included many XTC classics that had never been performed live.

"I’d never heard a lot of these tunes in any concert hall and I felt I deserved a chance to put that right….yes a bit of TC&I too, but my songs have been stuck in the closet too long, and I wanted to dry clean them and give them an evening out, or six…” - Colin Moulding

Includes signed postcard (while stocks last).

Great Aspirations EP

1. Scatter Me

2. Greatness

3. Kenny

4. Comrades of Pop

Naked Flames: Live At Swindon Arts Centre
1. Say It
2. Ten Feet Tall
3. Scatter Me
4. Wonderland
5. Grass
6. The Meeting Place
7. Bungalow
8. Big Day
9. Standing In For Joe
10. Generals and Majors
11. Making Plans For Nigel
12. Statue Of Liberty
13. Life Begins At The Hop