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Tim Motzer / Markus Reuter - Descending (cd)

Descending, Tim Motzer and Markus Reuter's duo project of dark ambient improvisations, features flautist Theo Travis, the legendary pedal steel work of BJ Cole, drummer Pat Mastelotto and glitch electronics, and cymbal work by Doug Hirlinger.

'A sublime ambience.' - Chris Twomey (Tandom)

Nucultures - The ZebraMoon Remixes (cd)

The follow-up and companion album to the critically acclaimed Butterflies, Zebras, and Moonbeams brings nine stellar and imaginative remixes from veteran producers from around the world: The Society (Denmark), Jeff Sharel (France), Enrico Marani's MovingBox (Italy). Man From NoWhere,
Tilomo, Tleilaxu, and Soy Sos (USA).

Jazzheads - Avant Wot Not (cd)

The first standard-issue CD on Tim Motzer's label 1k. Recorded in 1998 and re-released in 2008 to celebrate the band's 10th anniversary.

This 10-track effort (made up of super jazz drummer Ari Hoenig, guitarist/composer Tim Motzer, saxophonist Chris Cuzme, and bassist Ben Bocardo) is an all-instrumental excursion into the disparate corners of all that simmers and swings, from acid jazz to improv, from drum'n'bass to funk.

The playing in dizzyingly intricate throughout.

Base3 - Darkmatter (cd)

A visceral, experimental delta-jazz-noise-improv-and featuring Doug Hirlinger on drums,
flute, mbira, and percussion. Barry Meehan on bass, and Tim Motzer on baritone and electric guitars, pedals, and loops. fans

An unplanned spontaneous session recorded in a day in November 2007, Base3 evokes the spirits of Marc Ribot and Derek Bailey in an explosive trio format.

Fractured Reverb Underground - Fractured Reverb Underground (cd)

Consisting of electronic studio experiments from 1999, Fractured Reverb Underground sounds as relevant and of it's time now as it ever did.

Long out of print, this edition is the ten year anniversary re-issue on 1k recordings.

Goldbug - The Seven Dreams (cd)

A new studio project featuring drummer Eric Slick (Adrian Belew Power Trio), bassist Barry Meehan, Theo Travis, and guitarist Tim Motzer (Nine Horses, Burnt Friedman+ Jaki Leibeziet, Ursula Rucker etc).

An immersive journey in groove exploration, textures, and orchestration.

Astonishing sounds cut up, mis-aligned, and re-imagined for the curious ear.

'In a word, this disc is stunning. My album of the year pick.' - Progressive Ears

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nucultures - butterflies, zebras and moonbeams (double cd)

'Butterflies, Zebras & Moonbeams' is an unpredictable and playfully ambitious double album from the trio of Tim Motzer (Nine Horses, Ursula Rucker), Eliie Perez and Barry Meehan, which inventively combines elements of Jazz, Ambient, Trip-Hop, Psychedelic Folk and Bossa-Nova in sensitive and unexpected ways.

'A masterpiece that sets up us nicely for the third coming of Portishead later this year. The new-jazz lizard lounge sound.' - Straight No Chaser

tilomo - soft lunch (cd)

Tilomo is the brainchild of ace Philadelphia-based producer/guitarist Tim Motzer (Nine Horses, Ursula Rucker).

After his more experimental excursions with Burnt Friedman and Jaki Liebzeit (Can), and his powerful groove-orientated work with King Britt and Ursula Rucker, Tilomo is Tim's first venture into Chill-out/Ambient territory and displays his typically uncompromising and inspired touch.

10 soundtracks, each a world in its own. A seductive soundwomb of soft electronics and fresh ideas.

secret voices - no time for silence (cd)

Conceived by producers, Tim Motzer (Nine Horses/Ursula Rucker) and Enrico Marani, Secret Voices combines epic compositions, potent improvisations and mesmeric wordplay from a unique collective of poets and musicians.

An ambitious collision of ambient, dub, classical, free jazz, and electronics, laced with Motzer's trademark guitar feedback and loops, Secret Voices also features the sublime poetry of Ursula Rucker (4 Hero), Rich Medina, Elliott Levin, Kalaf Angelo and Adriano Englebrecht.

Musicians Barry Meehan, Jeremy Carlstedt and Gloria Justen all make powerful contributions to Motzer and Marani's compelling and culturally eclectic dark cinematic vision.



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