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Artist: Magenta Aura
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A unique concept and project created by legendary violinist Darryl Way (Curved Air).
The album is the audio accompaniment of a novel, written by Charles Shorwell. Set against the backdrop of the musical revolution that started with the Beatles, it begins in 1968 and follows the story of Daniel Luckham, a young classical pianist studying at the Royal College of Music.
The album represents a body of work recorded in the late 1960s. Created by Darryl Way, the album features a guest vocal performance from Steve Hogarth of Marillion.
CD and novel bundle.
Seduced by the rock music scene and the vibrant counter culture in London at that time, Daniel contrives to leave college and pursue a career in ‘Rock’. But some bad decisions lead him down a dark and dangerous alley, populated by drug dealers, unscrupulous managers and femme fatales. On his journey to fulfil his dreams, Daniel finds his integrity challenged, and the innocence of youth cruelly stripped away. The connection between the album and novel, unfortunately has to remain a secret, as to divulge that information would give away a key plot line in the novel. 


1. Life
2. Guiding Star
3. Chaconne
4. Back on the Road
5. Morphueus (feat Steve Hogarth)
6. Traveller
7. Time Machine
8. Here We Go
9. Chelsea Girls
10. Mods and Rockers