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The Rock Artist’s Progress - Welcome To America, is the second in a trilogy of novels by Charles Shorwell (aka Darryl Way, virtuoso violinist from Curved Air).
Mining over 40 years worth of memories, experiences and observations of the music industry, the book authentically recreates the music scene of the 1960’s and 1970’s, bringing back to life a time of immense energy and change.
In Welcome To America, Darryl shows us both the good and the bad of trying to make your way as a musician as protagonist Daniel Luckham finds himself playing keyboards for a prog rock band whose star is on the ascendant. 
Swept along by the excitement of being in America, the home of “rock n roll”, Daniel begins an adventure which takes a number of unexpected twists and turns.  From a hair-raising encounter in Harlem, an un-trustworthy manager, a terrifying plane journey to rapacious groupies and a devious tour agent. Luckham experiences it all. Yet he also has encounters with some of his musical heroes, including Keith Emerson, Ian Anderson and Johny Winter